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Rustic Kitchen Table Features Osborne Legs

Husky Farm Dining Table Leg
Sean Crocker Table

What’s a kitchen without a gorgeous kitchen table? Our friend Sean from South Carolina sent over some amazing pictures of the kitchen table he built using our Husky Farm Dining Table Leg.In case you didn’t know, this leg is one of our best sellers! Everyone loves the sweet farm style it gives to almost every table.

Sean’s table is putting us in a Southerner’s state of mind! It is a perfect example to show off the power of the Husky Farm Dining Table Leg! Sean chose to paint the legs a gorgeous dark color that perfectly complements the rustic table top. The dark paint job contrasts so well with the exaggerated grain and weathered look of the top! Well done Sean!! This table will definitely be a staple piece in their home for many years to come!

Break out your sweet tea glasses because this table is one you’ll want to just sit back and enjoy! Feeling inspired yet? Get your Husky Farm Dining Table Legs ( Part # 1121) today and start giving your home the rustic charm it needs! Are you looking for a little bit of a different style? Check out some of our other amazing table legs on our website and get started!

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