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Country Squire Dining Table Leg

Finding the perfect furniture piece for tighter spaces is never easy, and leaving them bare is no fun!  Our friend Bridget solved this problem by making her own table; one that she knew would fit and that she would love.


Bridget followed the plans from Shanty 2 Chic for building a DIY console table(, but put her own spin on the project to personalize it to her tastes.  Like the instructions, she use Osborne’s Country Squire Dining Table Legs (part #1130) in pine. However, Bridget used longer boards and base cap and cove molding for a more classic looking table.  She also only used two of the legs, which still provided plenty of support with their 5” width without looking bulky or out of place. She completed her project with several coats of satin black paint from Sherwin Williams.  This was a great project to show how versatile the Country Squire legs are, comparing Bridget’s polished table to Shanty 2 Chic’s rustic one. They are both great designs, and the leg looks fantastic on each one!

Bridget’s console made the perfect entryway table, being narrow enough to fit behind the door, and would be an easy addition for a hallway as well.  Bonus: it can be designed and decorated so many ways! If you want a closer look at the legs in this project, click HERE.

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