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Husky Dining Table Leg, Transitional Country Dining Table Leg, and Country Bench Leg

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration.  A time of merging two family’s traditions, and also of starting new ones of your own!

Husky Dining Table Leg, Transitional Country Dining Table Leg, and Country Bench Leg

Josh and Tiffany Rebandt knew when they had their wedding they wanted something special to be able to remember it by.  Something they could continue to build new memories with too, as a couple and later as a family.  Their in-laws decided to make a gift for them that could do just this; and would hold memories of Tiffany’s grandparents as well as the wedding day.  They used Osborne’s skirt sets to make a mix of benches and tables for the big event!  For the legs, Osborne’s Husky Dining Table Legs (part #1109) and Transitional Country Dining Table Legs (part #1111) were chosen, and for the benches Osborne’s Country Bench Legs (part #1329) were picked!  For the tops, some of the original boards from Tiffany’s grandparents barn were fixed up to use.  They were almost 100 years old!  Making it even more special, the wedding reception the tables were used in was also held in the same barn the boards came from!

The traditional leg styles made a perfect match with the rustic setting of Josh and Tiffany’s reception, and when painted white and paired with the historical tops made a stunning and sentimental piece to be filled with stories and passed from generation to generation!  Of the legs, Tiffany said: “Thank you for the stunning craftsmanship.  They are beloved tables that will be cherished for years to come.”

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