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Spring Cleaning – Update Your Home with Our Brand New Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are becoming increasingly sought-after, especially with the growing popularity of farmhouse, French country, and rustic interior design styles. These barn doors can have a wide variety of designs, from the traditional barn doors with the hallmark Z shape of the boards, to more decorative designs and bold colors.

Other styles, such as contemporary, are beginning to embrace the trend with chevron and herringbone styles. People are also letting their creative sides show with tribal prints and doors that look like they’re made of puzzle pieces.

Barn doors can be seen in varying sizes all throughout the home. They can be used on cabinets, shutters, nightstands, TV consoles, and much more. They’re also handy to use in tight spaces where the usual swinging door would take up too much space. Barn doors are most popular hanging over the doorway to laundry rooms, bathrooms, and closets, but can also be fully functional in any doorway in your home.

To keep up with the popularity of these products, we’re excited to introduce three brand new styles of barn door hardware.

Our first barn door style is part #4940. This is a smaller set intended for projects like cabinet doors, shutters, desks, nightstands, and more. The track allows the door to slide open similar to classic barn doors. Maximum load capacity is 88lbs, and the hardware allows for a door that is maximum 1 1/16″ thick.

This hardware set is currently only available as a single door setup, and each set comes with all the necessary hardware, making it easy to attach.

Our next two are part #4941, a larger set intended for a single folding door, and part #4942, intended for dual folding doors. These sets offer articulating hardware that glides with ease and steps off the track with a stepped wheel, allowing the barn door shutters to open completely. There is also a stationary hanger on each end of the track, providing an anchor and improving stability and support. Additionally, ball bearing wheels glide easily along the track.

These sets come with tracks in various lengths ranging from 28″ long to an impressive 64″ long. Maximum load capacity is 100lbs with proper installation, and the hardware bolts onto the door from only one side, allowing greater freedom of door thickness.

All three of these sets are incredibly versatile, and can be easily customized to fit into your decor with the easy and simple addition of doors of your choice. Whether you prefer the country-style shutters, classic barn door, or something a little more modern, our hardware sets are ideal.

Need a door? You can take a look at our current selection of cabinetry panels here, check out our Pinterest for inspiration and DIY tutorials on building your own barn door, or contact us at or 800-849-8876 for a custom quote.

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