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Square Wilmington Island Post Perfect for Console Tables

One of our favorite square profile posts would have to be the Square Wilmington Island Post(Part #1438). A contemporary twist on our traditional Wilmington Island Post (Part #1408), this square version features the aesthetic elegance of its round turned counterpart. The Square Wilmington features a large top block, making it the perfect option for projects with drawers, shelves, or large aprons. The proportions of this post are absolutely stunning! The post twists and turns as it makes its way to the floor. Subtle intrigue and simple elegance truly define this design.

Personally, we love this design. But don’t just take our word for it! Today, I’d like to feature a design from our friend Andrew. Andrew selected this stunning piece to create a console table for his home. As you can see, the results are absolutely stunning! Just look at that beautiful natural wood top. The top brags a dark natural finish, emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood, character and all. Andrew supports the top with the Square Wilmington Posts (Part #1438). He also created a made-to-spec table base kit from Osborne. His skirt kit fit his 78″ x 18″ table top with a 1″ overhang on all four sides. He also added the Egg & Dart style profile on the skirt for some extra dimension and detail. Both the legs and skirt were created in Alder.

Absolutely beautiful work Andrew! Thanks so much for sharing your design with us. And thank you for choosing Osborne!

Whether you’re designing a console table, kitchen island, or a bar, Osborne Wood Products has just the right components for the job. Be sure to check out our full collection of kitchen island legs, as well as our table base kit tool to create your dream table or island!

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