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Stunning Bedroom Suite Features Osborne Products

Marcusse Construction

Take a look at this amazing bedroom suite! We are absolutely in love with this project and we’re sure you will be too! Our friend Klynt at Marcusse Construction sent us over pictures of the bedroom suite he built using several Osborne products, and all we have to say is OH MY STARS!

Klynt ordered several products to make this project come to life with detail. The products include: our Medium Squat Round Bun Feet, Club Round Bun Feet (Part #4215 and Part #4220), Carpi Classic CorbelsTable Top Alignment Locks, Large Reeded Half Dowel Moulding (Part #7205.24 and Part #7205.60), and Large Center Plinths. Talk about a full shopping cart!

Each of these products add their own special detailing that complete the project and give the bedroom suite a grand elegant look. Klynt chose a dark stain that complemented the room and the rest of the project perfectly. This suite definitely looks like it was made for royalty! Well done Klynt. Everything about this bedroom suite is so gorgeous we just can’t look away!

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Have you caught your case of builder’s inspiration yet? We know we have! Head on over our website and check out the products you need to turn your ordinary project into something spectacular.  Do you like some of the products Klynt chose? Visit them all: Medium Round Bun Feet (Part #4115), Club Round Bun Feet (Part #4215 and Part #4220), Carpi Classic Corbel(Part #8000), Table Top Alignment Locks (Part #962), Large Reeded Half Dowel Moulding (Part #7205.24 and Part #7205.60), and Large Center Plinth (Part #7225). Want to see more of Klynt’s fantastic work? He makes beautiful pieces with several of our products and you can see them all on the Marcusse Construction Website!

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