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Table Base Kit Gets the Green Light From Just the Woods!

We all know it isn’t easy being green, but this table pulls it off pretty well!

Our friend Kandice from the blog Just the Woods paired up with us to create this unique table and free diy tutorial.  Her son wanted a table to keep his Lego projects and building sets on, and Kandice wanted to keep them from being scattered all around the house!  She reached out to us for table building advice.

The Colorsof diy (1)

She ended up ordering one of our table base kits, which come with the legs and skirt support pre-milled, along with the hardware needed to assemble it.  In addition to be extremely easy to put together, the kits are entirely customizable!  You start by picking the type of table you want, whether its a dining table, island, coffee table, etc.  Then you can pick any of our leg styles of that height to go with it, along with the wood type you want them in.  You put in your table top measurements and overhang, choose the skirt profile, and you are ready to go!  If you get stuck anywhere, you can always call our friendly customer service representatives at 800-849-8876, and they will be more than happy to help you!

The Colorsof diy

Kandice chose a dining table kit, using Osborne’s Traditional Dining Table Legs (part #99140).  The graceful fluting on the tapering leg gave the table some 3-D appeal to go with the vivid, speckled green (per her son’s request) paint job she gave it.  A dark stain wooden top completes the eye-popping look.

Well done Kandice; your table is making us green with envy!

If you want to get started on building your own homemade table, check out our quality table skirts HERE!  You can also check out her full tutorial HERE!

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