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Table Repair Success Story

20" Table Slide

I just love when customers share their success stories with us. It’s great to see how our products have helped to make their projects a beautiful success. Today, I want to share a story with you from Bucky F. of Georgia. Bucky recently purchased a 20″ standard table slide from Osborne that opens 50″ (Part #9058). Here is the success story:

20" Table Slide

“We have an old walnut dining room table that has seen some hard times. The table sags about 2-3 inches when 3 leaves are put in. At my place at the end of the table, I had to rotate my plate so any juicy food like peas or greens were on the downhill side and I had to keep my bread on the uphill side to keep it from getting soggy.

I had promised my wife that I would get the table repaired before the new year so I found Osborne Wood Product on the web and ordered the slides. I got my son who doesn’t have much woodworking experience to help with the repair.

The slides came in one day after being shipped (we live in Georgia) and were packaged very well. The instructions were good and short.

20" Table Slide

We started the project about time for dinner and my wife was out so we were having hotdogs. We turned the table upside down and as my son removed the old slides I put the hotdogs in the oven. We cleaned up the burrs from where the old slides were mounted and located the new slides in the correct position.
The hotdogs were ready so we ate and then returned to the table. We made sure the slides were parallel and equally spaced from the sides and ends then my son screwed them down. We flipped the table, checked to make sure the slides didn’t bind when extended, put the leaves in and had a awesome, level tabletop. All this took only about 45 minutes. I am sick that I did not look for new slides years ago!

We have used this table for 16-18 years with the sag growing more and more pronounced to where it looked like an old sway back mule. Now I can put my plate down without regard as to where the juicy items are.

Thank you Osborne Wood Products! I will be looking to you for items for future projects.”

Thank you for sharing your story and photos with us Bucky! Enjoy your dining table with the brand new slides!

Is your dining table old and no longer level? Or maybe you are building a new table and would like to extend it. Be sure to check out our full selection of standard table and equalizing slides! You’ll be glad you did.

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