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The Age Old Balustrade Table

House of Wood Coffee Table Leg
House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

Kathy sent us some pictures of her beautiful new coffee table that she created using Osborne legs. This is a design that we see quite a bit of around here but we absolutely love it! We always look forward to getting more photos of this popular DIY project.

Kathy created her own version of this coffee table which we think looks absolutely gorgeous! The color that she chose to stain this table matches the room around it very nicely. It looks like it was just meant to be there! What do you think?

House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

Kathy told us that she had a lot of fun creating this beautiful table. “We built this coffee table from new wood that we made to look like re-purposed wood. The table legs worked really well for this table.” Indeed they did, Kathy! We think you did a fantastic job on this table and we hope to see more from you in the future!

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