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The Husky Dining Table Leg Completes Another Amazing Table

Our friend Edward sent over some pictures of an amazing farm house dining table he built for a house he was remodeling and wow is it gorgeous! This table features our most popular leg- The Husky Dining Table Leg, and there is a reason this leg is one of our best sellers. This leg is five inches wide, and definitely lives up to its name! There is no reason to question stability when ordering this lovely table leg and its amazing design goes great with almost any farm house table design.

Edward Shafer Finished Table

Edwards’s table is just another great example of this! Edward chose to give the legs a gorgeous white paint job that contrasts so well with the dark stained top. This is definitely one beautiful table made by one talented craftsman.

Edward said, “We recently did a remodel and this is one of the cornerstone that put it over the top.” Well Edward, we could not agree more. This table is perfect for entertaining friends, family dinners, and of course holidays and parties. We see this being a corner stone in this home for a very long time. Awesome job Edward and thank you for sharing your amazing work with us!!

Inspired by the farm table design? Be sure to check out Osborne Wood Product’s wide variety of dining table legs, and definitely check out our Husking Dining Table Leg (Part #1109)!

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