The Husky Dining Table Leg Part of Another Stunning Dining Table

Country Bench Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg

One of our favorite dining table leg designs (and by far the most popular) is the Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109). There’s no question that the Husky Dining Table Leg is a perfect option for virtually any farm table design. The simple silhouette of the design is both aesthetically pleasing as well as a perfect complement to any country home. The 5″ width of the dining table leg makes it a “chunky” design option. The mass of this leg is what truly makes it a one of a kind! The 5″ width is a perfect size, adding that structural country feel without looking “bulky” or “over-kill.”

Are you not quite convinced that the Husky Dining Table Leg is the perfect farm table table leg design? Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at this stunning table from our customer Brandon. Brandon chose the Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) from our table leg line up. With these stunning 5″ table legs Brandon created a 7 foot solid oak table! There’s no need to worry that these table legs are strong enough to support that solid oak! This table will truly stand the test of time!

Amazing work Brandon. Your table turned out beautifully! Thank you for allowing Osborne Wood Products to be a part of the design!

Would you love to have a dining table similar to Brandon’s? I know I would! Now you can. You can find the Husky Dining Table Legs online and available now! Same day shipping is also available with this product! A matching Bench Leg (Part #1329) was also recently added to the Osborne Collection to flawlessly match the Husky Design. You can find the Bench Leg Here.

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