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Timeless Kitchen Design featuring Osborne

Customer Mark G. of Gentry Custom Cabinets in Shady Valley, Tennessee, recently completed a beautiful remodel and was kind enough to share the pictures with Osborne Wood Products, Inc.

Mark ordered several Osborne products to make his home remodel an exceptional piece of work! First, see the beautiful effect of the cherryAcanthus Leaf Crown Molding (7451.96) on the tops of the kitchen cabinets here. The cherryVenice Corbels with Acanthus Leaves (8015) also look lovely beneath the kitchen cabinets.

Next, see how the cherry Classic Reeded Island Leg halves (1456) add character and depth to the small kitchen drawers. Who would have thought such a large effect could be made with such a small addition?

Lastly, see how Mark’s application of Osborne’scherry French Carved Corner Legs (5000) in both the kitchen as well as the bathroom add an air of finesse and elegance without being opulent or gaudy. Thank you for the fantastic pictures, Mark!

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