Timeless Trestle Table Gets Trimmed

We just love it when customers use a little creativity to make our products work perfectly for their needs. One of our most popular pedestal kits is our Timeless Trestle Table kit, part 1143. It is shown fully finished and assembled above. But what if you need a table that is a bit smaller to fit in your dining space?

Take a look at this beautiful, unfinished version of our Timeless Trestle table (shown at left). If you look closely, you will see that it is definitely an abbreviated version of our the Timeless Trestle Table. Our table kit is a generous 44 1/2″ wide, but our friends over at ctwoodworking (Instagram) made a narrower version by trimming the legs and arms.

Notice that they also extended the length a bit by adding a matching extension for the trestle base on each end of the table. We think it was a very clever way to make our gorgeous pedestal kit work for a smaller table!

Get one of these beautiful kits for your home. It is available in four lovely wood types:

  • Red oak
  • Knotty pine
  • Hard maple
  • Beech

This easy-to-assemble pedestal kit can make a huge impact in your home! The very stylish square turnings on the pedestals will dress up any dining space. For a delightful Youtube video of how to assemble our Timeless Trestle kit, please click below:

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