Tips for Designing a Comfy & Cozy Bedroom Space

We humans spend roughly one third of our lives asleep, so it only makes sense to want a comfortable, cozy, and relaxing bedroom. Before you can start thinking about bedspreads, curtains, or rugs, you’ll need to figure out how much space you have, what kind of space you want and what kind of furniture will go with your design plans and space available. At Osborne, we offer a wide range of products in a variety of designs to help accommodate many different styles.

Featuring #2510 That’s My Letter bedpost

The Bed

The most important part of your bedroom is the bed! It has to be big enough for the person or people who will be sleeping in it without being so large it overpowers the room or takes up too much space. No matter what you want your bed to look like, we can help you build the perfect one. We offer a small but growing line of bed posts, and currently the selection includes 3 different versatile styles. We also offer bed hanger hardware. Additionally, if you don’t see a design on our site that you like, we can custom make something to perfectly suit your style!

For some inspiration, check out this blog post featuring directions on building a bed with our pencil bed posts and bed hanger hardware.

We also offer a handful of toppers and finials that would make a perfect addition to your bed. These help to add a decorative element to your bed posts, easily dressing up plain posts or adding the final touch to more detailed ones.

If you’re thinking of a simpler, more contemporary design for your bed, we also have a variety of furniture feet that can blend into a simple design or add wow power to a chic bed. These furniture feet can also be used on dressers, nightstands, or other bedroom furniture to create a cohesive look through the whole room.

In addition to our wooden parts, we also offer metal and acrylic furniture feet. Adding metal feet can give your furniture a sleek, industrial touch while adding acrylic feet can make your bed or dresser look as if it’s floating midair!

Nightstands and Bedside Tables

In the age of cell phones, nightstands have become even more important as a place to keep your phone within arm’s reach while it charges overnight, especially if you use your phone’s alarm clock! You can browse our end table legs to find something to match your bed, and if you have or are building an extra tall bed, check out our dining table legs for your nightstand to achieve that added height.

For added convenience, not only can you order your legs from us, but you can get the whole table base! Once you choose a leg, if it can be used in a table base kit, you can click “Order a Table Apron With This Kit” on the product’s page to go to our kit builder. There, you can select your wood type of choice, enter your dimensions, and customize your kit. This will give you the legs, skirt boards, and hardware necessary for you to assemble your table base. For nightstands where drawers are desired, we can custom cut a drawer face out of the skirt boards to accommodate a drawer for you.

Note: Even though our form asks for table top dimensions, the top is NOT included. But what if you want a top? Don’t worry — we make those too! You can choose from our selection of stock table top options, which include tops of various sizes and styles, or you can contact us for a quote on a custom size top. If you want a nightstand that has a top plus a lower shelf, we can also custom make those! Just let us know how far off the ground you want your shelf when you request your quote.

If you want to keep everything coordinated, we also offer beautiful, hand carved onlays and drawer pulls in a variety of styles, from traditional, shaker, or mission style to beautiful carved shells or acanthus leaves.

Featuring #4215 Club Round bun feet


The second most important thing in any bedroom is the storage. You’ll want somewhere aesthetically pleasing yet functional to keep your clothes, shoes, and other belongings. This is where your creativity comes in! We have had many customers in the past use our bun feet to add height and visual interest to dressers or cabinets they already have, as well as using our products to create beautiful dressers. In the gallery at the bottom, one customer used our 3.5” half round moulding system along with our bun feet to build a beautiful dresser.

Another popular option for storage is building or upcycling a storage ottoman or vintage chest. Recently, we partnered with Eight Hundred Furniture on just such a build. Linda ordered 4 of our 4215 bun feet to add to a vintage chest she had. She even included a tutorial on how to install the bun feet! Check out that blog post here.

Depending on the look you’re going for, our barn door hardware may also help you create a convenient yet easily hidden storage option. Vineta from The Handyman’s Daughter partnered with us on a cabinet build in her son’s bedroom. She used our one-door bifold barn door hardware to create a cabinet in the awkward space behind the door in her son’s room.

One thing that may not be on your bedroom design list is shelving. Shelving is a popular solution for storing things in many places throughout the home, and in recent years, open shelving has become incredibly popular. From intricately hand carved corbels supporting heavy shelves to floating shelves that seem like they’re supported by nothing at all, there are nearly endless possibilities for these. You can choose to create a whole wall of shelves, put up a few as a statement piece, or just add a single shelf above your bed. 

Currently we offer over 300 different corbels to choose from, as well as 5 different decorative shelf options. These include different styles of floating shelves plus some newly added industrial shelf solutions using metal pipe.

Seating Options

Featuring #1311 Colonial coffee table leg and custom base kit

If you have a large enough bedroom, you may also be able to consider one of those trendy tufted benches that sits at the foot of your bed, or for those with enviably large master bedrooms, you may be able to create a fully separate seating area with a chair and table!

Creating a tufted bench for the foot of your bed is just as easy as creating a table with our table base builder. Our coffee table legs are the perfect height for use with a bench and many of our customers have created benches with them for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, and more. While our form only allows for a four-legged bench option, we can custom make a bench with more legs if you need a long bench and would prefer 6 legs instead.

We also have bench legs with various design capabilities. Our 1331 Shanty to Chic and  1332 House of Wood legs are both popular choices for customers who want a balustrade look for their coffee tables or benches. We also have many standard legs like our 1340 farm style leg, which have a top block and can be used with our table base builder tool on our website. In addition to that, we have several styles with both a top block and a lower bottom block, such as our 1326 Heritage leg, which would allow you to create a shelf while still having the appearance of a little bun foot beneath it. Tufted benches are especially popular choices for lift-top benches that may still offer extra room for storing things like bedding, as well.

When it comes to creating a separate seating area in your bedroom, you can easily choose any chair from anywhere that matches your style, design an end table, and choose one of our coordinating bun foot designs to add to the chair. 

Kid’s bedrooms

What if the bedroom you’re designing is for a child or teenager? No worries, the same concepts still apply, but you have a lot of room for creativity here! For example, our acrylic end table legs paired with a skirt kit and top painted black make the perfect addition for anyone who loves outer space. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what one of our employees did! She chose a table like this for her son’s space-themed bedroom.

For more ideas, consider these options:

  • Create a vanity for a little princess using our cabriole legs and Queen Anne furniture feet
  • Create an industrial desk using hairpin legs and coordinate the rest of the room with metal furniture feet or casters.
  • Add a mid-century or boho vibe to your child’s bedroom with our Wheeler collection
  • Add a rustic touch with our barn door hardware or some knotty pine or rustic alder on a table, desk, or bench

If you’re ready to dive in and create a comfy, cozy, and relaxing bedroom that perfectly suits your style or your child’s style, head to our website to order the perfect parts and accessories today! If you’re not quite sure where to start, you can also check out our Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration. Be sure to send us photos of your finished project by filling out our form or emailing, and you may even see yourself featured on our blog and social media, too!

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