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Traditional Brackets Perfect for Open Shelving Projects

Traditional Bracket
Traditional Bracket

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve walked into my kitchen and dreamed of having more storage space. It seems that every time the dishes are washed and ready to put away that the space for storage decreases significantly. As the phenomena of disappearing space continues, the need for creative storage solutions increases. For those who share in my dilemma, ideas for increasing kitchen functionality while maintaining an eye catching appearance are most welcome.

Traditional Bracket

Heather R. of Indiana recently shared a few photos of her kitchen remodel with us. Heather used 13 of Osborne’s Traditional Bracket (Part 8721) in Red Oak. Heather used these contemporary style brackets to create a functional group of open shelves. The open shelving added both storage space, and a stylish modern feel to the kitchen. The red oak was finished beautifully to really accentuate the brackets and shelves.

Heather told us, “Just wanted to share this with your company! My kitchen project is going great! Your red oak brackets are WONDERFUL! Much thanks.” Thank you Heather for sharing your photos with us!

Open shelving is one of many functional project ideas that can be successfully completed using Osborne Traditional Style BracketsBrackets are also available in various other sizes, styles, and wood types. Styles ranging from modern and contemporary, to hand carved and elegant allow for a wide range of choices in finishing your project perfectly. The storage possibilities are endless with our wide selection of Osborne Corbels and Brackets!

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