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Traditional End Table Leg Perfect for Sofa Table Design

Traditional End Table Leg and House of Wood Coffee Table Leg
Traditional End Table Leg and House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

At Osborne Wood Products, we recently released a stunning and timeless new end table leg. Inspired by the popular Traditional Coffee Table leg (Part #1332) the Traditional End Table Leg (Part #1232) is the perfect example of timeless tradition. Featuring a silhouette similar to a traditional pillar, the leg features subtle turnings to add contemporary dimension. The result is a stunning piece that is sure to grace your home for years to come. It’s the perfect option for creating a family heirloom with its versatile style.

Our customer Tamara chose the Traditional End Table legfor her most recent project. Tamara designed and built this stunning sofa table to accent her living room. The turnings added just the right amount of detail and support. The legs were stained to match the top and bottom shelf of the piece for a flawless finish. Both functional and beautiful, this sofa table now serves as a focal point and a stunning conversation starter! Amazing work Tamara. Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us!

Could you use a sofa table in your home? As you can see, the Traditional End Table Leg is the perfect option! For more styles and designs, be sure to browse our full collection of end table legs online.

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