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Troy’s Home Display Features Osborne Legs

Cumberland Island Post
Cumberland Island Post

Finding the perfect design for your bathroom vanity can be very difficult at times. Maybe you can’t decide on the stain or style of the vanity itself. Our friends over at Troy’s Wood Specialties know just what you’re going through. Instead of looking around for that perfect vanity, they have created a look that is all new and simply stunning! Let your creativity fly with these gorgeous accent pieces.

No matter the project, our part number 1457, the Cumberland Island Post is definitely a timeless, beautiful leg that is sure to make your home look like a classic work of art. Using a half post on each side of this vanity made all the difference as it added a beautiful dimension that would not have been there before. The simplistic look of this vanity almost makes it looks as though it were in a doll house which makes it even more impressive and beautiful that a piece like this could be a real-life work of art.

Want to make a vanity like this of your own? Check out our Cumberland Island Post #1457 to make your vanity stand out just like Troy’s Wood Specialties did with this beautiful piece!

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