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Two Takes on the Popular Balustrade Coffee Table

It seems like just yesterday that we teamed up with our friends Ana White and Jen Woodhouse to create the Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part #1332) to be used in the Balustrade Coffee Table design. With designer inspired style, this table leg is the perfect fit for the modern home. We couldn’t have been more excited to see the final plans from Jen Woodhouse! The table was flawless and could easily be adapted to fit any home!

The Balustrade Coffee Table is an increasingly popular design. We just love seeing all of the modifications our talented customers have made to make a version of this table 100% their own. Today we would like to feature 2 unique table designs using the Traditional Coffee Table Leg.

Balustrade Coffee Table

Our first feature today comes from our friend Debra. Debra fell in love with the Traditional Coffee Table Leg. And rightly so! How stunning is this table!? Debra finished the table a very light stain, allowing the room to feel light and airy while also showing off the grain of the table. The table sits right at home in her living room as the delightful focal point of the space. We love this table Debra! Thank you so much for sharing the photo with us!

diy balustrade coffee table

The second table comes from our friend Nicole. Nicole also chose the Traditional Coffee Table Legfor her coffee table project. Nicole chose a darker stain, complementing the stunning wood floors in her living area. The coffee table sits gracefully in the space, adding a country chic feel. Stunning job Nicole! Thank you for choosing Osborne for your design!

Do you love the style of the Balustrade Coffee Table as much as we do? Why not try your hand at this DIY Project! Check out the Free Step by Step Tutorial and don’t forget to grab your table legs– offered exclusively from Osborne!

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