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Upholstered Bench with Osborne Bench Base Kit

DIY Plans: Part 1 Part 2

Sarah recently completed a DIY Upholstered bench using a table leg kit from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. and posted the plans to her blog, Shop Talk with Sarah. Links to the plans can be found beneath the image to the right.

Osborne Wood Products can provide table and bench kits with custom skirting and hardware, which is available on the website. The legs for all of our table base kits are pre-mounted with threaded hanger bolts and are already mortised to receive the tenons on your side aprons. The aprons that come with all table leg kits are pre-drilled to receive the supplied screws used to secure the mortise and tenon joints.

For a completely custom piece, select from any of Osborne’s extensive selection of bench legs and have your bench kit milled to your exact specifications. Custom table kits shipped directly to you is just one more way Osborne Wood Products is trying to help you build something beautiful.

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