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Use Bun Feet to Elevate Cherished Furniture

If you have ever wanted to add a little class or lift to an antique chest or trunk, try using Osborne’s round bun feet to showcase your treasures. Our friend Linda over at was able to lift the flat-bottomed chest up off the ground for a lighter, more attractive look. Linda used four of Osborne’s Club Round Bun foot, part 4215 on the bottom of the chest, and attached them with a hanger bolt that she installed in the center of the top of each foot. We just love the dramatic change it made to the storage chest!

We love the pedestal effect that the bun feet provide–now the chest doesn’t appear as heavy or clunky because of all the space that was created underneath. Bun feet are a great tool to change the whole look of a furniture item, without breaking the bank! Elevate a nightstand or vanity with some stylish bun feet for a fast furniture upgrade! Another popular use of bun feet is to add to the bottom of kitchen cabinets to make them appear more like furniture than like cabinets!

Unfinished furniture feet from Osborne Wood Products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to start from scratch, replace old chair or furniture legs, or add height to your current furniture, Osborne offers just the right fit for you!

All wooden furniture feet from Osborne Wood Products come unfinished and without hardware installed. However, hardware and drilling services are available upon request to offer you the perfect match for your project. Any of our hardware can be installed into the legs for an additional fee. If we don’t have the hardware you need, you can still order your leg pre-drilled and ready to simply install the bolt or screw upon arrival. All installed or drilled pieces must be ordered through our customer service department by calling 1-800-849-8876.

Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s bun feet, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with other table lovers!

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