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Use Mini-Corbels to Embellish a Beautiful Vanity

Check out this stunning DIY vanity with a one-of-a-kind copper sink, that was created by our collaborative partner MaisondeMings. We love how Osborne’s Petite Acanthus Leaf corbels, part 892020, brings a heavy touch of style to the top block of each of the four legs. The fluted carving on Osborne’s part 1468–the St. Simon’s Fluted Kitchen Island Post, is the perfect detail to complement the fancy corbels. The intricate carving on the corbels seems to match the very ornate mirror above the vanity, so that the whole look of the ensemble is cohesive and works together. Also, the gleaming metal of the sink hardware is carried over to the shining mirror frame for an even more “together” look.

MaisondeMings used 8 mini-corbels, two on each leg, and showed with a photo how they put everything together. The gorgeous sink is meant to be a small garden sink in a breezeway where flowers and herbs are stored. You can see even more photos and instructions on their blog, We love the architectural interest of each element in this beautiful grouping, and love how our legs and corbels make the perfect base for this set.

What once began as a necessary functional piece for stability and support has now become an iconic focal point for many designs. Corbels and brackets were originally produced solely for the purpose of bearing the weight of an overhang, whether from a counter top, bar or mantle. Today, corbels and brackets are no longer required to be purely functional. In fact, many would argue that they are required to also be aesthetically beautiful!

Osborne Wood Products offers corbels and brackets in a variety of materials. For decades, Osborne has been a huge go-to source for wooden decorative corbels. With such a wide variety, you are sure to find the perfect match for your project in the Osborne catalog! Up to 9 wood species are available for most standard corbels. Wood types include both paint- and stain-grade options.

Corbels and brackets are the perfect way to add style and support to your countertops, mantels, range hoods, open shelving, bars, and even vanities. Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s corbels, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with our customers.

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