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Vintage Reclaimed Pine Table Top Supported by Osborne Table Legs

Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

There is such an amazing quality to aged table tops. A quality table top can last a life time! And with just the right table legs, that table can be a beautiful addition to the home for years to come.

Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

Today, let’s take a look at a reclaimed table by Kurt V. of Texas. Kurt ordered 4 of the Osborne Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs (Part #1180) in knotty pine. He also had a table skirtcreated to fit his 70″ x 52″ table top, leaving a 4″ overhang on all four sides. The skirt was also made out of knotty pine. These quality Osborne parts were shipped to Kurt to support a beautiful vintage pine top.

Kurt told us that the table top is a vintage pine from a 1900’s Central Texas Farmhouse. The top was reclaimed, ripped, planed & biscuit jointed 2×8′. And take special note of the old nail holes along the side of the table top. Amazing!

Thank you for sharing your photo with us Kurt. Enjoy your fantastic table!

Are you working on a reclaimed table top? Let Osborne support you! Osborne offers made to order skirting kits to fit your table top. The table base kits come with 4 Osborne table legs of your choice- chamfered with hanger bolt installed. The legs are also mortised to accept the tennon of the apron piece. Wooden corner blocks are also included to fit your apron perfectly. All you need is hardware to attach the top! Check out our video, “How to Build a Table,” and start building your table today!

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