Vintage, With A Twist

PSA: Vintage is in again.  Apparently, the saying that everything comes back into style doesn’t just refer to clothes.  Classic and industrial vintage style furniture with a modern twist is popping up everywhere, from homes to magazines; even the furniture at weddings!

This pedestal table from our friend Dale is a gorgeous example of this.  Reminiscent of the classical vintage era, the flowery top blends beautifully with the dark stained base.  The base is Osborne’s Barrington Pedestal Center (part #1139), one of our newer products.

The pedestal has a simple, contemporary silhouette that blends flawlessly with the vintage top and any room setting.  Standing at 18.5″ tall the pedestal makes the perfect height for a coffee table, and with a width of 11 inches, it can easily support the weight of any top you put on it!

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