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Viva Las DIY features Osborne Vanity Legs

Marshall Island Leg
Marshall Island Leg

Our friend Ariana over at Viva Las DIY has a to-do list of some serious renovation projects. One of her projects was her bathroom. Wanting to create a beautiful space via DIY (that wasn’t tacky) Ariana set out on Pinterest to find the perfect design for her reno. She stumbled across a vanity design that was the perfect fit for her space. A few modifications and it would be right at home in her new bathroom.

Ariana’s vanity project called for some turned posts that also included blocks for a bottom shelf. The Marshal Island Leg(Part #2401) was the perfect match! As you can see, the posts were a flawless fit and the vanity is absolutely stunning!

Could you see a vanity like this in your home? Ariana provides a free step by step tutorial on her blog, Viva Las DIY. She also explains how to modify this design to fit your space. Now you just need some Marshal Island Posts to get started!

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