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White Oak Massive Farm Dining Table Legs a Perfect Match

Massive Farm Dining Table Leg
Massive Farm Dining Table Leg

One of my absolute favorite table leg styles offered at Osborne is the Massive Farm Dining Table Leg. At 5″ wide this massive leg is a fantastic piece. The mass of the leg is often underestimated, as this is in fact a big leg! But don’t let the size scare you. The large piece is sturdy and solid to more than perfectly support a farm table design. There’s no doubt the leg is strong, so structure aside, I also love the design. The farm style leg is an absolute classic. Typically found in a much smaller width, the design was modified to flawlessly compliment a 5″ square. The silhouette is simple and subtle, yet it features a very distinct country feel.

Now let’s take a look at a perfect example of the Massive Farm Dining Table Leg in application. This beautiful hand crafted farm table comes from Garrick of Illinois Farmhouse. Garrick chose the Massive Farm Dining Table Leg (Part #1125) in White Oak. This white oak piece fell right in line with the rest of the design for a perfect finish. Here is what Garrick told us about the project:

Massive Farm Dining Table Leg

“We purchase legs from you on a regular basis and wanted to share a recent table we just completed. 100% White Oak table with your #1125WO legs. All stained in Dark Walnut. Thanks again for producing a great product.” Thank you for sharing your table with us Garrick! The design is absolutely stunning.

Do you love the Massive Farm leg as much as I do? Were you inspired by Garrick’s dining table? Why not add these beautiful massive legs to your next table design. And be sure to browse our full collection of dining table legs online.

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