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Matt's Basement Workshop

Matt’s Basement Workshop – Matt’s Basement Workshop is a blog and podcast featuring his woodworking experiences. According to Matt: “A big part of why I started Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast was that I knew by sharing my own experiences in woodworking it would help me to understand more about what I already know. And in more ways than I can count it would inspire me, to learn more about what I still have yet to discover. Over the years it’s been am amazing opportunity to talk with so many of you and discover just how much we can truly learn about woodworking together.” (Matt’s Basement Workshop – About Me)

Matt's Basement Workshop

Accidental Woodworker– Brought to you by Ralph, Accidental Woodworker is a blog about his experience as a self taught woodworker. “Spent a career in the Navy doing electronics. Life long woodworker who is self taught. I continue to read for my main source of info but now with the internet…..I am slowly trying to go mostly handwork in my woodworking and I doubt I will completely give up machines (jointer/planer mostly)” (Accidental Woodworker- About Me)

Matt's Basement Workshop

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