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Build a Bench

Benches are VERY popular right now, and getting more fashionable all the time!  People are loving modern takes on the traditional seating option, and looking for new ones all the time.  If you want a custom bench to show how unique you are, look no further than the blog “Green with Decor” of our friend Meg!

She walks you step by step through the process to make a bench, using Osborne’s Old World Coffee Table Legs (part #1322).  Meg purposefully used a dining table with Osborne Legs (part #1121) that didn’t match, but if you prefer you can use the Old World Dining Table Legs for the (part #1122) table as well!  That is the beauty of DIY- you can mix and match anything for endless combinations.  No one will ever have the same set as you do!

Untitled design (3)

The reeded bench legs Meg used give a eye appealing, intricate detail to the otherwise simple bench and table set.  The Old World style gives a modern spin on a classic piece reminiscent of the Colonial era.  It is elegantly traditional, and will be a showstopper on any furniture design!  The detailing in the center, the triple banding, and tapering foot make this an easy leg to blend into formal room areas as well as more casual.  Overall, this is the perfect leg to add personality and texture to any project!

Meg also ordered the legs as part of Osborne’s Table Skirt Sets.  As she puts it, “that makes it so much easier!”.  And it really does- the skirt sets come pre-milled and with all the necessary hardware to put the table support together quickly and easily.  It is perfect for everyone from beginning DIY woodworkers to experts who simply don’t have the time or tools to do all the skirting work themselves.  The skirts are custom made for size, wood type, and leg style; so they can be personalized for any project you have!

Check out Meg’s full tutorial HERE, get a closer look at all the bench legs Osborne offers HERE, or start your own custom skirt kit HERE!

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