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Contemporary Kitchen with Hand Carved Detail

Galloway Transitional Bar Bracket & Fluted Acanthus Island Leg
Galloway Transitional Bar Bracket & Fluted Acanthus Island Leg

Contemporary kitchens are a fascinating endeavor that require a lot of planning and design. From the colors involved to the use of straight lines and texture, contemporary kitchens are truly an art form. (And amazing when finished!) So….How do you create a contemporary kitchen design while keeping traditional elements such as decorative corbels and island legs? Jacob Reinbold at Reinbold Inc. knows exactly how to accomplish such a feat.

Galloway Transitional Bar Bracket & Fluted Acanthus Island Leg

Take a look at this amazing kitchen by Jacob Reinbold Interior Renovation & Fine Tailored Woodwork in Texas. This contemporary kitchen remodel is absolutely stunning. “Here’s the whole kitchen. Contemporary, clean lines on the kitchen cabinets, and a little more character and cleanliness on the island. The island legs were exactly what we were after, as were the corbels. Thanks for the dependable quality products as always. I like finding new ways to use them on my projects.” [Reibold]

Galloway Transitional Bar Bracket & Fluted Acanthus Island Leg

Two of the elements of this design were chosen from the Osborne Wood Products catalog. First, we see the corbel supporting the range hood. The corbel of choice was the Galloway Transitional Bar Bracket (Part #8715) in Soft Maple. A perfect match for the design, the corbel features sleek lines with smooth features. Reinbold told us, “Your soft maple Part #8715 Galloway Transitional Bar Brackets were perfect here. Not too busy, not too ornate, but enough lines and detail to draw your attention. They helped highlight the finish of the cabinets and provide ample support for a big vent hood.”

The second element you will see may come as a surprise due to its carved nature: the Acanthus Leaf Island Leg (Part #1711). Regarding this island leg choice Reinbold added,  “It provided the clean lines and ornate touches to compliment this gourmet kitchen.”

For more designs by Reinbold Inc., be sure to check out their Facebook Page!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us! We always look forward to seeing your amazing designs. Thank you for allowing Osborne to be a part of them!

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