Make an Impressive Desk with Lakeland Table Legs

Tapered legs are all the rage these days, but for those who want to add a leg with a little more style, then Osborne’s Lakeland Dining Table Leg Part #1074 could be just what is needed! Our customer Debra Goodman from Brandywine, MD, was really pleased with the desk they designed using the Lakeland legs, which has some convenient storage in the two front drawers. The mono-colored base makes a dramatic impact for the sleek and functional desktop, and we are really proud to have played a part in this creation!


The Lakeland leg has a 3″ square square top block, which slowly tapers down to a 2″ square base, but the carved detail at the neck of the leg draws subtle attention to the simple lines of the leg.

Build Something Beautiful with the Lakeland table leg, or any of Osborne’s table legs, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with other table lovers!

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