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Corbels add Elegant Touch to Contemporary Kitchen Space

Classic Modified Bar Corbel

At Osborne Wood Products we love to see all of the amazing projects our customers are using our products to complete. One of my favorite products we offer is the corbel. With infinite possibilities, our wide selection of decorative corbels adds just the right amount of detail to any room.

Today, let’s take a look at Mike T’s beautiful kitchen bar supported by three of Osborne’s Classic Modified Bar Corbels in Hard Maple (Part #8100). The modified corbel features an open section that adds an elegant touch to the bar. Mike chose Hard Maple (our stain grade maple) to add the warm tones for a beautiful finish.

Here’s what Mike did to get the finished look:

Classic Modified Bar Corbel

“I stained and sealed the corbels and then attached them to a mounting plate made from a 12” by 16” piece of pine. I made an inside radius cut on the bottom of the plate to create a little design element and then I routered the edge, but only partway to the top just short of where the upside down mounted baseboard meets the edge of the plate.

I attached the corbel to the plate from the backside with wood screws countersunk to make sure the plate sat flush on the wall. Then I attached the plate to the wall using a combination of screws at the top where the stud was located and dry wall anchors at the bottom.  Once in place, I filled the holes in the plate, sanded, painted and caulked. Then I painted the wall.

I came up with this mounting technique because I didn’t want to hang the corbels prior to granite installation because I knew the granite would likely need to be shimmed and If the corbels weren’t hung just right I would be looking at either the possibility of a considerable gap on top or worse they would be positioned too high. By using this plate technique I eliminated both concerns and ended up with a better result.

Classic Modified Bar Corbel

After the granite was installed I was able to slide the corbel/plate assembly up tight to the bottom of the granite and then secure to the wall. I really didn’t need the corbels to provide support, but they ended up doing so anyway and once everything was in place and painted I like the appearance better than just the corbel mounted to the wall.”

Great job Mike! Enjoy!

Are you looking to add corbels to your kitchen bar? How about a basement bar, breakfast bar, or wine bar? Be sure to check out Osborne Wood Product’s large selection of supportive (yet decorative) corbels. Offering mission styletraditionalcontemporaryclassichand carved, and everything in between, Osborne offers a variety of sizes to fit your next project or remodel!

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