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Slagle Dining Table Legs are Show-Stoppers in Mona Boutique

Our friends over at Mona Boutique are wild about Osborne’s Slagle Dining Table Leg, part 342296. We just can’t say enough about how rich the wood stain on their table is, and how nicely the alternating spheres and spools blend to create a table that demands your attention! The matching bench is simply too adorable:

Don’t you just admire the stacked look of the balls and spools, and the gently tapered legs supported by a narrow foot? This leg has every feature you could ask for in a dining leg, and we are so proud to have contributed to this beautiful furniture.

Beautiful stacked features

Dining table legs are a subtle way to add continuity to the design of a home, and no dining table is ever complete without just the right set of legs. Though dining table legs may not be the first thing noticed by a person sitting to dine, they are indeed an integral part of the look and feel of the table. The table legs add the security and sturdiness required of a table that will last for generations. Though it may be a simple dining table today, years down the road the table built today could be a cherished family heirloom; transforming from merely furniture, into a heritage eagerly received from the generation that came before, a well-cared for treasure that connects the family now gathered around it to every family seated there in the past.

If you’re ready to Build Something Beautiful of your own, head to our website and check out our selection of table legs today! Then, be sure to send us a photo of your creation so we can share your creation with our customers.

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