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Modern Play Kitchen

Take a look at this clever play kitchen created by our trade partners at Shanty2Chic. Notice how everything looks so life-like, almost like you could step right up and start cooking your dinner! The gals at Shanty2Chic worked hard to design a pretend kitchenette for older children.  See how they included authentic hardware and accessories like a real sink, faucet, and stove burners, so that it would be almost like mom’s kitchen! This one was even painted with similar colors to their mom’s real life kitchen inside! We especially love the Osborne legs (part #1400—Tavern Dining Table Leg) that were used to create a working peninsula. The narrow dining legs were trimmed just a bit to complete the look for this “little people” kitchen.

You can follow the step-by-step tutorial they outline on their delightful website to create your own play kitchen for larger children: Their instructions include incredibly detailed photographs of each step of the project so you can feel confident about every instruction and avoid confusion about whether you are proceeding correctly. And so you can customize your kitchen even more, we have a huge selection of dining table and end table leg styles to choose from!

Osborne Wood Products is proud to be a trade partner with Shanty2Chic, who has introduced many people to Osborne with their ingenious DIY projects featuring various Osborne parts. Check out the other videos and blogs on the Shanty2Chic site and discover how you can create some fabulous furniture and accessories for your home with just a few tools and materials, and some awesome Osborne products!

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