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Portsmouth Legs are a Perfect Match

In our opinion, the kitchen table really is the heart of the home. It brings everyone together to be able to share stories, jokes, and of course delicious food. Our friends over at Riveted in Rhode Island created an amazing table using our Portsmouth Dining and Coffee Table legs, parts 1114 and 1304. We are so glad we got to be part of a build to create a beautiful new place to gather and make memories.

We love the matching dining and bench legs used in this lovely matching set that really sets off the gorgeous red oak grain in both pieces. And the table is long enough for the whole family to eat together!

This table is an excellent example of incredible craftsmanship, and we get so excited about working with other business owners. Customer service is our number one priority. This means that we love it when our customers are happy and when our customer’s customers are happy. Thank you, Riveted, for choosing us to be your partner in business!

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Joan Buckley

I can’t find your gallery of wooden table legs, other than acrylic or Portsmouth (not interested in either). Your website is difficult!



I’m sorry for the confusion. You’re looking for installation photos of table legs on our blog, correct? If you enter what you’re looking for, such as “table legs”, into the search bar, it’ll bring up all of our blog posts featuring all of our table legs. You will see several Portsmouth posts, as those are some of our most popular legs, as well as some recent posts on acrylic legs, but if you click on “Older Entries” at the bottom of the page, then you’ll be able to scroll through all of our blog posts. Additionally, if there’s a specific part you’re looking for, you can enter the part number in the search bar, too, and that’ll bring up every blog post we have for that leg. Hope this helps!


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